some thots on the wrestling i watch

its like the circus but the clowns fight

antyways i mainly watch AEW and DDT. i feel like this will end up being more of a recap.


Match 1: Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli vs Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara
love claudios jersey, yas.
claudio is so cool, lunges during a delayed vertical suplex wtf.
winners: bryan danielson and claudio

mox vs mjf promo
omg i keep hearing regal might turn on mox, idk man. they need to just start calling mox aew's ace, love him

sting and darby/jeff jarrett, Jay lethal promo
oh shit stang will be back.

Match 2: Anthony Bowens vs Swerve Strickland
acclaimed's premiering a video today wow. omfg they put captain insano in this video. the acclaimed is so good at finding ppl to parody their opponents, the video they made when they were feuding with sting and darby was funny as hell too.
Evil Swerve is cool. the crowd was so dead for this wtf.
winner: Swerve Strickland

Nyla Rose vs Jade Cargill promo
It was nice to see this feud have a good amount of buildup to it, kind of a short promo though.

Samoa Joe interview by Tony Schiavone
ok Joes supposed to explain why he randomly attacked Wardlow, but you could tell he was getting on his nerves. Wardlow didnt see Samoa Joe as a threat so thats why Joe attacked, gotta get ahead-- oh shit Samoe Joe is turning. He called the crowd victims.
Powerhouse Hobbes arrives to try and fight Samoa Joe but Wardlow's music hits and he attacks Joe from behind. The whole lockerroom comes out to try and split them up. To be honest, this feud has been so weird. Wardlow was tryin fight Hobbes until Joe turned on him and now they're all fighting?
Anyway in the end, Wardlow did a Tope con hilo onto all the wrestlers and stands tall.

Britt Baker Promo
I did not understand how Paige was supposed to be the face in this feud with the promo she did last week. This promo from Britt is feeling like a face promo also, I guess they're rolling with it. I dont love britt but I dont mind her as the face in this feud. Darth Maul makeup on Britt.

Match 3: Death Triangle vs Top Flight and AR Fox
Darius Wright finally making his return, his first return in that battle royal in February was great.
I've not seen AR Fox wrestle but I hear good things, especially in his matches with Fénix.
I'm also really enjoying PAC preaching the way of the hammer to Fenix and Penta, they always look so done with him.
damn these dudes are stiffing the fuck out of each other.
promo by PAC. Asks if everyone thinks Death Triangle is stupid, re: the videos the Elite has been playing but doesnt mention them by name. death triangle challenges the Elite to show up at full gear, which is accepted right away by showing a match graphic. ngl hope death triangle wins.
winners: Death Triangle

Match 4: Ethan Page vs Bandido
Really happy to see more Ethan Page on TV, Bandido had AEW gear made i adore him.
winner: Ethan Page

Jungle Boy Jack Perry vs Luchasaurus Promo
this feud has been long and i lowkey wish it was Christian vs Jack Perry instead but thats only because i love Christian. Jack Perry is so good though I'm looking forward to this one.

Saraya interview with Renee Paquette
This one was short as hell but Saraya randomly called Britt the best so they're not rolling with Saraya being the heel?

Eddie Kingston/Ortiz vs Jun Akiyama/Takeshita promo
Eddie is so excited for this match you love to see it. He deserves the world. Takeshita is the only wrestler I fangirled over when I saw AEW live, very excited to see him back in the USA.

Match 5: Toni Storm vs Anna JayAS
Anna's looking good in this match. this match was short as hell, jamie hayter comes out to talk and they stare each other down.
winner: Toni Storm

Jon Moxley and MJF promo
Mox mentioned the ladder match where MJF won the poker chip and called it the worst end to a ladder match ever, so tru king.
i adore mox tbh. the firm comes out to attack mox and regal (yas lee moriarty sighting), MJF comes out and fights them off, loud ass pop for him.
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